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Eco Gold Process

Eco gold represents a significant shift in gold extraction, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals like mercury and cyanide that pose both environmental and health risks to mining communities. Artisanal, informal, and illegal mining, although poorly regulated, often serve as the sole source of income for communities with limited economic opportunities. Unfortunately, many miners unknowingly use mercury due to its affordability and simplicity for separating gold from gravel. Improper disposal of mercury leads to its contamination of soil, water, and the atmosphere, posing serious health hazards for local communities and entering their food chain.

Fairmined plays a crucial role in transforming these practices by partnering with artisanal mines to obtain certification and put an end to mercury use. Through a combination of economic incentives and comprehensive training programs, Fairmined guides mines towards phasing out mercury and adopting more sustainable methods. A key replacement for mercury is the Gravimetric table, which facilitates the separation of gold from gravel without the use of harmful chemicals. Although the cost of implementing Gravimetric tables can be substantial, Fairmined supports mines during the initial two-year period, focusing on safe disposal practices. After this timeframe, the mines are expected to invest in purchasing the tables, ensuring a complete phase-out of mercury from their operations.

By choosing Fairmined gold, we actively contribute to this transformative process. The premium we pay for Fairmined gold serves as an economic stimulus for the mines, empowering them to improve practices across the board. It's a tangible way to support the transition towards sustainable and responsible mining, safeguarding the environment and the well-being of mining communities.



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