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Daniella Samper is a multidisciplinary project that harnesses the power of jewelry, art, clothes, objects, and photography to actively engage with and bring attention to important issues related to the environment, sustainable processes, and social impact. The project serves as an ongoing study, exploring and advocating for ways in which consumers can make impactful decisions that prioritize traceability, environmental protection, and the well-being of those involved in material sourcing.

By addressing these issues and promoting conscious consumerism, Daniella Samper seeks to inspire and empower individuals to make choices that support a more sustainable and socially responsible world. 


A Collaboration With Time- Some personal words on how this project was born 

In January 2022, I found myself depleted of time, energy, and motivation. Recognizing the need to reconnect with my true self, I made a conscious effort to prioritize daily creative time and focus on projects that had been placed on the back burner due to time constraints. This dedicated space I created for myself became sacred, joyful, and fulfilling, and I began to rediscover the person I had lost sight of. I named this transformative space "A Collaboration With Time."

Carving out time for my artistic pursuits allowed me to understand that the confusion I had been experiencing was simply a natural evolution, and my creative joy was taking on a new form. I had always harbored a desire to create jewelry, and through "A Collaboration With Time," I began to see time differently, realizing that the present was the opportune moment. Suddenly, enrolling in jewelry classes became a priority, and I found solace in working late nights to perfect a wax piece. Time seemed to slow down, affording me the opportunity to embark on the necessary travel to manifest my dream. One step led to another, and gradually, my new venture began to take shape organically. The concept of productivity as I had previously known it dissolved, and gradually, I started to comprehend my transformed self.

During this period of self-discovery, I came to realize that I had always been a subtle activist at heart. I derived immense satisfaction from discussing environmental initiatives within the fashion industry, and I had constantly brainstormed ways to establish a production process that generated less waste. I had unknowingly pursued the same path with my first venture, Ajaie Alaie. Through this introspective journey, I learned something profound about myself, and I committed myself to making low-key activism a cornerstone of my work. I wanted to create, as it was an inherent part of me, but I also yearned to effect positive change in the world. Art and design became my outlets for communicating significant issues, serving as mediums through which I could demonstrate that embracing transformative practices and setting high standards could result in enduring change.


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