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Daniella Samper is a multidisciplinary project that uses, jewelry, clothes, objects, and photography to address important issues about the environment, sustainable processes, and social impact. 

This practice is an ongoing study about the ways in which us, as consumers, can make impact driven decisions that support traceability, environmental protection initiatives, and support the lives around the people that source our materials. Everything crafted here has a reason, an impact, and a story, whether it being environmental, social, or celebrating creative expression without industry constraints. 


A Collaboration With Time- A note from Daniella 

in January 2022, I found myself depleted of time, energy, and drive. In an effort to bring myself back to my true self, I began prioritizing creative time every day to work on projects that, due to lack of time, I had put on the back burner. This space that I created for my self became sacred, joyful, fulfilling, and I began to resurface from this place I didn't recognize. I named this space A Collaboration With Time

Carving out space for what made me happy as an artist allowed me to see that the confusion I was experiencing was just me evolving, and that my creative joy was beginning to take a new shape. I have always wanted to make jewelry, and A Collaboration With Time allowed me to look at time differently to see that now was the time. Suddenly, I prioritized time to enroll in jewelry classes, working late nights perfecting a wax piece seemed like leisure, and time slowed down, so I could do some required travel to build this the way I dreamed. One thing led to another until things began to take a new shape organically. Productivity as I knew it dissolved, and little by little I began to understand my new self. 

With this new project that was beginning to emerge, I realized that I have always been a low-key activist. I enjoy talking about environmental initiatives within the fashion industry, and I've always been in constant brainstorming of ways in which I could have a less wasteful production. I did that with Ajaie Alaie, my first baby[brand], and unconsciously I was doing the same with this new project. I learned something about myself during this time, and I set out to make low-key activism a pillar of my work–I want to create, because that's inherent in me, but I also want to change the world, and art and design is my outlet to communicate important issues and my medium to demonstrate that changing practices and setting standards can create long-lasting change.  


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