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The Fine Jewelry project is an exclusive endeavor centered around the exquisite combination of Fairmined gold and the captivating Colombian emeralds. It invites individuals to delve into the origins and narratives of these precious resources, while also advocating for their positive impact on communities in Peru and Colombia, all while prioritizing environmental preservation.

Every piece within the collection is a testament to the fusion of energetic symbolism and talismanic significance. Drawing inspiration from ancient ritualistic artifacts rooted in Daniella's Colombian heritage, the designs effortlessly intertwine modern references with timeless wisdom. Gold, as an elemental force, and emeralds, as ethereal minerals, possess a remarkable energy that is imbued upon those who wear them. The jewelry collection beautifully unites the past and present, serving as a profound celebration of cultural heritage and ancestral knowledge.

The entire Fine Jewelry collection is meticulously crafted from 18k Fairmined gold, extracted with deep empathy for both the environment and human life. The emeralds, discovered by the local community known as Guaqueros in Muzo, Colombia, are sourced independently from the mines, adding a touch of authenticity and local connection to the collection.


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