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Art and design serve as our medium to bring about positive transformations in various industries, and this project is dedicated to actively contributing to enduring change. Recognizing that certain industries will persist despite their shortcomings, it becomes our collective responsibility to strive for improvement and progress.

Gold extraction often remains overlooked compared to the fashion industry, yet it suffers from inadequate regulations and poses significant harm to our environment. Given gold's value as a currency and its broader applications beyond jewelry, mining will persist even as we strive to reduce reliance on "new" gold. Our project aims to shed light on transformative practices that foster enduring change, benefiting future generations and promoting sustainability.


When we embarked on our journey in the jewelry industry, traceability became a non-negotiable principle for us. Drawing from our experience in the clothing industry, we recognized the importance of knowing the origins of our materials. Discovering Fairmined gold was a pivotal moment that affirmed we were on the right path.

Fairmined gold sets the standard for responsible sourcing, taking care of all the necessary groundwork to ensure transparency and traceability. By partnering with small-scale mines in Colombia and Peru, Fairmined empowers miners by offering them a fair price for their hard work and an additional premium that helps drive positive transformation within the mining industry. To learn more about the impactful changes brought about by Fairmined, we invite you to explore their achievements here.

Each of our gold pieces will be accompanied by a certificate, serving as proof of their Fairmined certification. This certificate provides you with the assurance that your gold has been sourced and processed in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Social impact

Mining plays a vital role in supporting communities with limited economic opportunities, and it is crucial to consider the social impact when discussing sustainability. As we strive for a sustainable future, we must not overlook the communities dependent on industries deemed unsustainable. Instead, we should support initiatives that drive positive change within these industries, enabling them to transition towards sustainable practices. By becoming a Fairmined certified brand, we actively endorse improved practices that promote growth, safety, fair wages, and enhanced lifestyles. Moreover, we contribute to training programs that empower mines to embrace environmental empathy.

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Muzo Emeralds

Muzo, a lively town situated in Boyaca, Colombia, is renowned for its exquisite emeralds, which form the backbone of its thriving economy. The history of emerald mining in Muzo dates...

Fairmined Impact

Fairmined certification is a rigorous and ongoing process that promotes social and environmental responsibility in mines. The certification entails continuous growth and improvement, as mines undergo audits and guidance from...

Eco Gold Process

Eco gold represents a significant shift in gold extraction, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals like mercury and cyanide that pose both environmental and health risks to mining communities. Artisanal,...


The portraits below were taken during my trips to visit Fairmined gold mines in Peru and emerald mines in Colombia. This will be an ongoing series and I will be adding...

Behind Sustainable Mining

In May 2022, I embarked on a transformative journey organized by Fairmined, joining a group of 12 jewelers from across the globe to visit three certified alluvial mines in Peru....


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